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Merino Light Tee

$89 NZD
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This lighter weight Tee is made from 150 - 160 gsm Merino or Merino blend fabrics. which are perfect for wearing in Summer and warmer environments.
It has a loose fit around the torso designed for coolness. The fabric drapes beautifully and lends itself to being worn out or tucked in to pants.

Raspberry Marle is Merino 50% / Bamboo 50%
Black & Pink are our Corespun Merino - where the merino fibres are wrapped around a nylon strand to retain all breathability and the feel of merino against your skin but be lighter weight and stronger
Kingfisher and Aspen are 100% Merino

Proudly made by us in the South Island of NZ.

Style code: 152


Don't wash your Merino garments unnecessarily!
Merino will go an amazingly long time without retaining any odour. It's good for both the garment's life span and the environment to only wash when really necessary!

Short version.
Merino garments can simply go into a normal cold* gentle/wool machine wash with other garments.
Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
Best to dry on a clothes hanger. (Merino dries very quickly) 
Don't put Merino clothing in a clothes dryer. 
Best practice for longest life.
Don't wash unnecessarily!
Cold machine wash on a wool / delicate cycle using an environmentally friendly wool detergent.
Hand washing is even better. This is a great option if your garments just need a freshen up.
Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
Dry on a coat hanger or lying flat. Merino dries very quickly at ambient room temperature or in a drying cupboard.
If you do hang on a line use delicate pegs and avoid windy conditions.
Creasing 'falls out' of Merino that dries hanging.
Cool Iron if required.
Dry Cleanable.

Storage / Moths.
Moth larvae do eat wool and other natural fibres. This is not a big problem, but it can occur.
Don't leave Merino outdoors overnight.
Clothes Moths live in dark places like wardrobes and cupboards and it is possible to have them in your house without knowing it..
Storing Merino or other natural fibre garments in a sealed plastic bag will prevent damage.
Storing in a drawer/wardrobe that is used frequently and often emptied out will highly discourage moths.
There are various remedies and products available for discouraging / eliminating moths. If you did want more information, email us at