Doing what comes naturally

My Mother was an old school believer that ‘quality is cheaper in the long run’, and so that was at the start and remains our foundation value at Glowing Sky.
We have only ever used the best materials we could source, and make garments to last, not throw away.
Glowing Sky began on a remote pristine Island at the edge of the world, where a care for our environment and conservation were an integral part of life.
Naturally, we’ve kept doing things that way ever since. We’ve never really made a fuss about it, it’s just what we’ve always done.

Photo: Rain Forest, Rakiura


Glowing Sky have always been practioners of a slow fashion approach. We introduce or retire garments and colours in response to our own preference, and active listening to our customers feedback and needs.
We produce garments in very small runs in direct response to demand, so we never have wasteful excess stock of garments or fabric.
Our style '1' is still being produced, as are many other core wardrobe long term favourites.
We make things to last. Nothing makes us happier than a customer proudly showing us a garment they have worn for years and is still in great condition.

Keeping it local

Small communities are where we come from and where we still live in the Deep South. Our first employees were friends and neighbors and we’ve always continued to keep things as local as we can. We take huge pride in manufacturing right here in New Zealand, the closeness of the relationship between our whole team, and our personal contact with every customer who purchases a Glowing Sky garment.

Photo: Wanaka Show, Merino Judging


On Rakiura, and the beautiful South Island Mainland, a care for our environment, sustainability, and a practical use and re-use of resources are a natural response to our special environment.
The banana boxes we got our groceries from the Mainland in 20 years ago are still as multi-purposely useful as ever, so we see no need to upgrade them!
As we've grown our locations have been set up to run in tune with the same environmental and people friendly values we were founded on, and our core suppliers meet the highest levels of sustainabilty certification.

Photo: Akaroa. Glowing Sky Store, Village Centre

“Takes you anywhere”