Created by nature to protect sheep against the extremes of their environment - from freezing winters to scorching summers - Merino Wool is the most technical natural fibre.
The complex inherent properties of Merino wool fibre make it a perfect year round choice for Humans too. For luxurious comfort and performance in the widest range of environments it is unsurpassed.


When cold, Merino wool fabric absorbs airborne moisture and heats it through a 'heat of sorption' process. The fineness and crimp of each wool strand results in an immense capacity to trap insulating air.
When hot, Merino undertakes a 'wicking' process to transfer moisture from your skin, to the outside of the fabric where it is evaporated, preventing overheating.


Wear our Merino garments for days (and days!) on end and they will remain fresh and odour free. Ask anyone who wears Merino - this is true. This quality is due to Merino’s unique natural moisture handling properties and the natural anti-bacterial properties in the fibre. Merino does not require washing nearly as often as other clothing, and both you and your garments and stay fresher for longer.


Our fine Merino is luxuriously soft, elastic and light and if you haven't worn fine Merino next to your skin before you are in for a revelation!
At a fibre thickness of only 17 t0 23 microns Merino fibers are so fine that they simply bend when pressed against skin, meaning there is no prickle, only luxurious softness.


We use fabrics of different weights and fineness of wool, which we call 'Layers', Merino Layers worn together merge and trap insulating air in-between; acting as one unified garment and developing the ultimate natural solution to any indoor or outdoor environment.
Base, Mid, Core, and Tech Layers are worn right against the skin and/or each other.
Outer and Outermost Layers go over the 'next to skin' layers to provide extra warmth and protection.

“Takes you anywhere”