Merino sheep have naturally adapted to grow a unique wool fleece which regulates body temperature to survive the extreme hot and cold of their Alpine habitat. Our Merino clothing, utilises this natural technology to keep you luxuriously comfortable in a wide range of environmental conditions. 
KEEP WARM: When cold, Merino wool fabric absorbs airborne moisture and heats it through a 'heat of sorption' process. The fineness and crimp of each wool strand results in an immense capacity to trap insulating air. 
KEEP COOL: When hot, Merino undertakes a 'wicking' process to transfer moisture from your skin, to the outside of the fabric where it is evaporated, preventing overheating.

No Odour 

Wear our Merino garments for days (and days!) on end and they will remain fresh and odour free. Ask anyone who wears merino - this is true.
This unique quality is due to Merino’s natural moisture handling properties and the several, natural anti-bacterial properties in the fibre.


Our fine Merino is luxuriously soft, elastic and light. At a fibre thickness of only 17 t0 23 microns It is delicate and super comfortable right next to your skin.


Our Merino is all premium ZQ certified wool from our friends at The New Zealand Merino Company. It is natural, ethically grown, renewable, bio-degradable, and sustainable.

Easy Care 

All our garments are Machine washable, drying quickly indoors or out. Super simple.
Merino does not usually require ironing and has very little pilling. Because of the 'elastic memory' of the fibres, creasing will only remain in extreme cases.


Our Merino garments are a perfect everyday second skin. They offer you supreme warmth, without the typical heavy weight or bulk of other wool or outerwear clothing.