We create Merino garments from the bottom of the world (or top depending on which way you look at it). Our story is a long one so don’t worry we’ve kept it short. Let us show you what goes into making your glowing sky garment.

Glowing Sky New Zealand


In 1997 we started out making tshirts, hand printed out of a shed in the most beautiful place on earth - Stewart Island. Being the first and last spot to see the sun each day we churned out a lot of tees for two whole years. This hard work and the appeal of our rustic designs meant soon enough we were stocked across the country.


Cath and Dil Belworthy met on Stewart Island. Dil was working as a cray fisherman and Cath started designing the printed tees at their kitchen table.


Sometime around 2001 Dil had a chat to a wool producer, we spotted a gap for high quality garments designed for New Zealand’s climate. Using a material uniquely South Island - rugged merino. We whipped up some samples and they flew out the door of our SI store. Our efforts quickly shifted from tees. People loved the clothing so much that we’ve had to open 8 stores to keep up with demand.


Our Merino wool is a natural, renewable, bio-degradable, sustainable product grown in the Southern Alps of the South Island, NZ. Merino is perfect for a wide range of environmental conditions. The wool keeps you cool in summer by transferring moisture to your skin. It also keeps your warm in winter by heating this airborne moisture.


The thing about merino wool is that it comes from a special kind of sheep. What makes merino sheep so unique is the habitat in which they thrive. Grazing on the steepest mountains, surrounded by snow in winter and dry heat in summer. They are truly tough. The farms in which these sheep live are rugged and it takes expert farmers to keep the sheep and their wool healthy.

“takes you anywhere”