Where is our Merino wool from?

All of our Merino wool comes from high altitude farms on the Southern Alps of Otago & Canterbury, in the South Island of New Zealand. Temperatures in the South Island of NZ vary seasonally from -10°C to 35°C (14°F – 95°F). Because Merino Sheep are highly adaptable, farming is non-invasive with low human intervention and the sheep graze vast areas freely in their natural manner. All of our farms are Z-Que certified, sustainable and free from scouring methods.

Exclusive Fabric

We use 100% NZ Merino fabric. We make all of our garments in our own manufacturing facility in the South Island of New Zealand. Only available in our stores & website. We believe our combination of the finest Merino wool yarns, plus the highest quality of knitting technology, result in fabrics that best showcases the beauty & practicality of our NZ resource.

High Tech Fibre

Merino clothing is an iconic Kiwi product. Technology advances (revolutionised in NZ about 20 years ago) enabled fabric made of 'Superfine' Merino. Merino wool strands are extremely long, fine and naturally High Tech. Their high degree of crimping traps insulating air. Merino miraculously controls moisture & regulates our body temperature. It is NOT itchy or scratchy to wear, Superfine Merino is delicate and soft next to your skin.