From the time we started at our kitchen table we have been passionate about designing and manufacturing right here in New Zealand.
Since 2008 we have made all our garments ourselves in our own facility in Timaru, South Canterbury - within view of The Southern Alps our Merino Wool is grown on.


Our Manufacturing Team has a vast long term experience and knowledge of Clothing Manufacture. Like the rest of us, they are small town Kiwi's with a deep respect for the premium fabrics they handle, and a traditional pride in the quality of their work.
Design is a co-operative process lead by Glowing Sky Founder Cath, often originating in customer feedback, and usually involving 'The Committee' of our Retail and Manufacturing teams during development.


Manufacturing ourselves ensures we can totally control the whole process in order achieve the quality we strive for.
This is particularly important when it comes to Fabric and garment handling throughout manufacture. There are many short cuts that can be taken - but we don't, and we believe that care is made evident during the life of our garments.

“Takes you anywhere”