Lightweight Merino layers = 100% versatility for all adventures and temperatures. From Base to Outer, each layer varies in fineness and weight of wool. Start with Base and add layers for supreme comfort and warmth. Our clothing layers merge and trap insulating air in-between; this acts as one unified garment, developing the ultimate natural solution to any indoor or outdoor environment. 


100% Merino Wool Layers


100% Superfine 18.5 micron Merino wool
150 grams per metre weight

Ultralight and Superfine all-purpose under layer. Worn directly against the skin, under other garments. Acts as an initial 'base' layer in cold conditions, but breathes beautifully for comfort in  a warm climate.


100% Superfine 18.8 micron Merino wool
195 grams per metre weight

Our 'Core' layer. 25% heavier than Base makes it the essential year-round layer. It can be worn directly against the skin for the ultimate natural solution for warmth, breathability and comfort.                            


100% Fine 21 micron Merino wool
260 grams per metre weight

Light and comfortable when warm, yet robust enough to give ultimate protection in cold temperatures. Layer over base and mid for extra warmth and increased performance.


100% Fine 21 micron Merino wool
340 grams per metre weight

Serious protection in challenging and changeable outdoor conditions. This is our heaviest Merino layer for cold weather protection. Layer over base and mid for optimum warmth and performance.


Composite Layers 


40% Merino Wool / 45% Nylon / 15% Spandex

Composed of two fibres: Merino inside against your skin ensures warmth and breathability, while a nylon layer is knitted into the exterior using a highly advanced technique. This forms a garment that wears, breathes, and resists odour almost as well as 100% Merino but has ultimate wind resistance as well.  


96% Superfine New Zealand Merino Wool / 4% Lycra

A very light and stretchy under layer. Lycra pulls the garment in snug to give your body the highest thermal value. Base Lycra is usually worn under other garments, but is robust enough to wear on its own.